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Luna Menstrual Cup

Good for girls and women who haven’t given childbirth vaginally, but many women who have given vaginal childbirth also found the small cup fits well!

  • Comfortable and very effective! Luna menstrual period cups are comfortable to wear and offer better leakage protection than other menstrual products!
  • Better than tampons! Tampons are made of absorbing materials, drying out your natural protective fluid, and they also contain harmful chemicals!
  • Money back guarantee! If you don’t like it, we will give you full refund! order now!
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menstrual cup how to use


Fold and hold

Always start by washing your hands. Fold Luna Cup using a fold that works best for you. Every menstruator’s anatomy is unique, so find the fold that works for you.

Insert and ensure

Gently insert the folded cup into your vagina, tilting it back to the base of your spine. The cup should sit as low as it can comfortably sit inside your vagina.

Remove and empty

With clean hands, gently pull the stem of the cup downwards. Pinch the base to release the suction and take it out gently. When your cup is rinsed, you can reinsert it, and you are ready to go again!

Our Awesome Core Features

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luna cup catalog

The Luna Cup

Women have waited for what the menstrual cup provides them with for all this time, and finally alas- the menstrual cup revolution is in full-force!

The Luna Cup is a based menstrual cup that is a the popular cup. It’s a longer silicone-formed menstrual cup, with a solid ball stem, that has a sleek design that is- oh so the panache’ of menstrual cups. So will the Luna Cup menstrual cup send you over the moon and bring you harmony during your period?


Luna Cup Video

The Luna Cup comes with instructions, a nice bright draw-string pouch, and the single Luna Cup, menstrual cup- that is an elongated design with a solid ball stem. The Luna Cup is also a menstrual cup that includes measuring lines to provide you a gage to customize and monitor your flow. It is also available in one “clear” cup hue, but it does have size differentiations to provide with a custom fit and menstrual cup experience Small and Large.


Luna Cup Price

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$ 14,99

24,99 $


$ 14,99

24,99 $

Small + Large

$ 20,95

49,99 $


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